How much does it cost to feed my dog a super premium food?

WE ALL know how important it is to feed our dogs the right food to ensure continued good health and wellbeing.

The Dog Man’s Choice provides a range of nutritionally complete, hypoallergenic foods that are great for sensitive tummies. While there are many health benefits to choosing our super premium meals, owners might be surprised to learn that feeding a dog with our 100% British, vet-approved formula is also cost-effective.

With this in mind, we’ve produced a handy comparison table which shows how much it costs to feed different types of dog with The Dog Man’s Choice.

Please note that these are intended as examples only. Remember that as a general rule of thumb, small and medium breeds can be considered to be adults after around six months of age.

Meanwhile, large breeds may not reach adulthood until much later and older dogs require less energy intake than younger pooches. Pregnant and lactating females may need a different calorific amount so if in doubt, always consult your vet.   

Cost of super premium dog food

Size of dog

Dog type

Weight of dog

Dog food product

Feed amount

Feed period

Cost per day

PUPPY Cocker Spaniel working/in training 10kgs Grain Free Chicken Sweet Potato Carrot & Peas 300 grams/day 50 days £48.99 97p per day 
SMALL BREED Jack Russell 7kgs Super Premium Chicken & Rice 127 grams per day 118 days cost £38.99 33p per day
SMALL BREED Puggle 13kgs Super Premium Lamb & Rice with VermX 203 grams per day 73 days cost £40.99 56p per day
MEDIUM BREED  Adult working English Springer Spaniel 20kgs Grain Free Turkey Sweet Potato and Cranberry 318 grams per day 47 days cost £46.99 99p per day
LARGE BREED  German Shepherd 35kgs Super Premium Salmon and Potato 499 grams per day 30 days cost £41.99 £1.39 per day

If you have any questions about what is the best food for your dog, just ask us. You can drop us a line at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  


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