Why we’re proud to sponsor the Staffordshire Retired Police Dog Fund

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We all deserve a comfortable retirement. Unfortunately, because of their long and faithful years of service, working police dogs often face old age with some difficult medical conditions.

Insurance companies are reluctant to take care of costs, meaning that these very special dogs often accrue steep vets’ bills in their later years.

That’s why the Staffordshire Retired Police Dog Fund was established in 2013.

This fantastic organisation was founded to recognise the invaluable contribution made by our county’s police dogs, as well as to raise funds for their ongoing needs.  

Now The Dog Man’s Choice is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring one of these very special pooches as he enjoys his retirement. Seamus, a spaniel with years of service, will benefit from our range of tasty dog food designed especially for working dogs.

Craig Flint, who owns The Dog Man’s Choice, is himself a former police dog handler and knows all too well just how incredible these animals truly are.  

Hayley Birkin, of the Staffordshire Retired Police Dog Fund, tells us: “Many of these dogs stay with their handler after retirement although some are rehomed. However, because of their unique background, they come with particular needs and medical issues.

“For this reason, it is almost impossible to get them insured, which means owners can be left with hefty vets’ bills. That’s where our fund can help.

“However, we are run independently from the police and we do need to fundraise in order to continue to help these very special dogs.

“We welcome donations and every penny counts – no matter how big or small.”

The Staffordshire Retired Police Dog Fund is hosting The Big Dog Jog on Saturday, June 25 at Chasewater Park. Why not get involved, take a look at the event.

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