Covid 19 Virus

Delay in delivery

We know these are challenging times for the entire country and the health and wellbeing of every person is a priority.

As detailed by the Government this morning it is critical that food manufacturing continues as we at The Dog Man’s Choice provide essential dog food products to the nation.

We have experienced unprecedented demand during the last two weeks as a result of customers  increasing their purchases. However, we want to reassure all our customers that our supplier has a system designed to ensure we do not run out of stock. They also have a workforce absolutely dedicated to serving our needs.

Whilst there may be delays with deliveries, we do politely request that you appreciate the excess demand and therefore the impact this is having upon delivery times.

Please be assured my supplier is adding extra resource and staff members are working throughout the days and nights to meet this extra demand.

If you have any particular questions you can, of course, contact me

Many thanks for your patience and understanding during these times.

Yours sincerely, Craig 

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