Nutrition for dogs


Diet is the cornerstone of a dog’s wellbeing. Providing the right nutritional balance is fundamental to their health, happiness and performance.

Over the last 20 years The Dog Man has professionally worked, trained and coached thousands of dogs – developing a unique insight into the importance of high quality food intake.

People now widely accept that ‘you are what you eat’. Your dog is exactly the same.

Unfortunately the health and well being of our dogs is at threat from their closest friends – their owners. Not deliberately – but through a lack of knowledge and understanding and often through a desire to please. Ultimately we must remember that dogs are domesticated carnivorous mammals.

They depend on you for the quality and composition of their food intake. Completely.

However, many ‘complete’ dog foods simply fail to provide the necessary nutrition essential for your dog’s health.


To combat the inconsistency in quality seen across the dog foods available today, The Dog Man now offers his own solution The Dog Man’s Choice – guaranteeing consistent quality and a premium diet to his clients’ and customers’ dogs.


Pioneering Nutrition For Working and Sports Dogs

Your dog’s health and happiness depends on you and the food you choose. With this exciting new development, The Dog Man has made that choice easy.

Combining Craig’s extensive knowledge with unrivalled mixing expertise, The Dog Man’s Choice provides total peace of mind for owners.

The extensive range of super-premium meals are rich in locally sourced meat and highly digestible carbohydrates – providing a nutritionally complete dry food diet that has been formulated to the highest standards.

100% British, the full range is manufactured in Europe’s most advanced and environmentally sustained pet food facility – meeting human food production standards at a BRC Grade B site. The Dog Man also now has full access to expert nutritionists should you have any queries.