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Why is my dog a picky eater?

Let’s face it. Given half a chance, most pooches will eat anything they can lay their paws on. (That’s why it’s so important to keep particularly toxic foodstuffs such as chocolate out of reach.) However, if your family pet suddenly displays a distinct lack of interest when it comes to dinnertime, then it’s time to […]

Don’t get caught short

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NEW small breed recipe 

Why are small-breed dogs becoming increasingly popular? For several years, the popularity of small-breed dogs has increased. Recent research revealed that 51% of dogs now weigh less than 10 kilograms in the UK. In addition, small-breed dog ownership is projected to be 59% of the total dog population in 2022.  Smaller breed dogs are often […]

Helping our dogs stay healthy

Craig has worked and trained dogs from an early age and his passion came as a young child. He understands the importance of a correct diet and is committed to The Dog Mans Choice (since in April 2015). Craig believes the dog should have the best nutrition. He understands and strongly believes in Freshtrusion® as […]

Why is Scottish Salmon the best?

Did you know that Scottish Salmon is the UK’s largest food export? With a huge demand from overseas, the popularity of this fantastic fish continues to grow. A total of 72,155 tonnes was exported last year which led to £451 million in export sales. Scottish Salmon was awarded the Label Rouge accreditation which signifies extremely […]

Coprophagia, what is it?

Coprophagia is a form of pica, in which dogs have a solid desire to eat non-food items. It is a relatively common problem, and whilst revolting to us, dogs frequently enjoy it. Some prefer to eat their stools; others would rather eat other dogs, or other species, namely cats, cattle and horses. However, it is […]

DPD Delivery Service Updates

DPD continues to experience unprecedented demand, which, unfortunately, impacts our box delivery service.  The recent Royal Mail strikes have added to the high volume of parcels that DPD are currently processing. The ongoing bad weather has also compounded this situation. Please bear with us and our logistics partner, DPD, in these exceptional circumstances. DPD recommends checking the website below […]

We’re paying our respects to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

We have been taking a period of silence from any form of communication to mourn the passing of our beloved Queen. We will be closed on Monday 19th September for Her Majesty’s funeral so we can join the nation and pay our respects on that day. Box Orders Orders placed before 3 pm on Wednesday 14th […]

Save and take advantage of The Dog Man’s Choice multiple buy bags

When you take on the commitment of a dog or puppy there is one thing for sure they are going to need feeding. Dog food for everyone is going up in price and is likely to continue to do so. Keeping your dog bowl full isn’t going to be cheap so the alternative is to take advantage […]

“What diet should I feed my dog?”

A common query from pet owners is “what diet should I feed my dog?”. With so many dog food brands available to choose from, a decision can be hard to make. It is important to know about the ingredients required in a dog’s food for optimal health and wellbeing. This not only has an impact […]