NEW small breed recipe 

Why are small-breed dogs becoming increasingly popular? For several years, the popularity of small-breed dogs has increased. Recent research revealed that 51% of dogs now weigh less than 10 [...]


When talking to dog owners about their dog’s nutritional likes wants and needs it is amazing to find that the majority were uncertain if they were feeding correctly. Owners were keen to [...]

Do dogs have a strong sense of taste?

The answer to that is Yes! But why do some dogs seem to prefer some flavours of food in comparison to others? In this blog, we will look at how your dog experience food flavours and why some dogs [...]

Healthy Grain Free Puppy Food

Puppies require an appropriately high level of protein to support growth and development through this crucial phase in life. This is usually higher than an adult’s requirement as this is the [...]

Why is protein needed?

Why is protein needed? Protein is needed to form new skin cells, grow hair, build muscle tissue, and more. It also assists in creating hormones and enzymes that are needed for functions within [...]

Our Grain Free Turkey

50% Turkey Rich is amino acids, vitamins & minerals, turkey is a delicious source of protein.   Sweet Potato An excellent alternative to grains, sweet potato is a complex carbohydrate [...]

Help overweight dogs to lose weight

Weight gain? Help overweight dogs to lose weight efficiently, when used with a calorie controlled diet. If your dog’s calorie intake is greater than the amount they need for their life stage and [...]

Consumer confusion around allergies

Talking with my consumers can be really interesting. Conversations often reveal what consumers believe about food allergies that is, their dog has an allergy to a meat protein for example [...]

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