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Whatever your nutritional aims are for your dog, The Dog Man’s Choice can supply an unrivalled choice of flavours and varieties with over 10 fresh meat options including, salmon, lamb, trout and organic chicken.

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  • Unrivalled choice and meat options 
  • Available in 6 kg 12 kg and 15 kg working dog (zero rated VAT)
  • Extremely competitive prices 
  • Rigorous quality, Veterinary approved diets
  • Made in England by a World leading manufacturer
  • Your order will be delivered safe to your door within 2 working days 
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Best seller 

Adult – Super Premium Salmon & Potato

£27.99 £41.99 includes free delivery 


A perfect hypoallergenic blend for adult dogs – and the ideal size for hand feeding and dog training.

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Grain free dog food range 

Super-premium hypoallergenic wheat and gluten free dog food

FAST FREE delivery within two working days on all dog food orders within the UK

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