We’re excited to let you know that we’re offering delivery straight to your doorstep this Easter!  If you want your order to arrive before Easter, please make sure to place your order [...]

Duck for dogs

Duck is a great-tasting animal protein source that provides several essential nutrients that contribute to overall health and well-being. As well as being a valuable source of protein providing [...]

Christmas Dog Food Deliveries

It’s coming up to that time of year again… Thank you to all our customers for choosing The Dog Man’s Choice and supporting our family business.  Subscription orders: Any orders [...]

Why is my dog a picky eater?

Let’s face it. Given half a chance, most pooches will eat anything they can lay their paws on. (That’s why it’s so important to keep particularly toxic foodstuffs such as chocolate out of reach.) [...]

Don’t get caught short

Box Orders before the May Bank Holiday Please place your box home delivery orders prior to 3 pm on Wednesday 3rd May in order for delivery on Friday 5th May Thank you  

NEW small breed recipe 

Why are small-breed dogs becoming increasingly popular? For several years, the popularity of small-breed dogs has increased. Recent research revealed that 51% of dogs now weigh less than 10 [...]

Helping our dogs stay healthy

Craig has worked and trained dogs from an early age and his passion came as a young child. He understands the importance of a correct diet and is committed to The Dog Mans Choice (since in April [...]

Why is Scottish Salmon the best?

Did you know that Scottish Salmon is the UK’s largest food export? With a huge demand from overseas, the popularity of this fantastic fish continues to grow. A total of 72,155 tonnes was exported [...]

Coprophagia, what is it?

Coprophagia is a form of pica, in which dogs have a solid desire to eat non-food items. It is a relatively common problem, and whilst revolting to us, dogs frequently enjoy it. Some prefer to eat [...]

DPD Delivery Service Updates

DPD continues to experience unprecedented demand, which, unfortunately, impacts our box delivery service.  The recent Royal Mail strikes have added to the high volume of parcels that DPD are [...]

“What diet should I feed my dog?”

A common query from pet owners is “what diet should I feed my dog?”. With so many dog food brands available to choose from, a decision can be hard to make. It is important to know about the [...]


When talking to dog owners about their dog’s nutritional likes wants and needs it is amazing to find that the majority were uncertain if they were feeding correctly. Owners were keen to [...]