Why is Scottish Salmon the best?

Did you know that Scottish Salmon is the UK’s largest food export? With a huge demand from overseas, the popularity of this fantastic fish continues to grow. A total of 72,155 tonnes was exported last year which led to £451 million in export sales. Scottish Salmon was awarded the Label Rouge accreditation which signifies extremely high-quality produce in France. There are strict criteria that the product must meet throughout the production chain to receive this award, such as farming techniques, feeding, processing, and distribution. All of these key features provide a fantastic opportunity to be a key ingredient in pet food.

What is Scottish Salmon?

Scottish Salmon is produced in the North and North West of Scotland. This form of Salmon is typically fed better quality feed, and farming is less intensive with fewer fish in a cage meaning they swim further and develop more muscle. The fish are also given time (around 28 months) to develop in the clear cold Atlantic waters whilst also providing a great taste for humans and animals.

How does Scottish Salmon benefit dogs?

Scottish Salmon is seen as a premium fish and contains various benefits that are fantastic for dogs. This type of fish is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which help to support healthy skin and coat in dogs and control inflammatory diseases. Whilst also a high-quality source of protein which is vital to form new skin cells, growing hair, building muscle tissue, and more. Scottish Salmon provides a wide array of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, D, B and phosphorus, that offer great support for everyday health and well-being.

Here at The Dog Man’s Choice, we recognise that Scottish Salmon is a premium quality protein source that provides fantastic benefits for our dogs.

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