Dog owners are paying closer attention to their dog’s health and welfare. 

Recent surveys show dogs are 15% more popular than any other pets within the family home, interestingly, the mental health benefits of owning a companion animal, such as a dog have been identified by several scientific studies and the trend is growing.

Throughout the Covid 19 pandemic, many people have also been taking a closer look at their own health and wellness, fascinatingly Craig at The Dog Man’s Choice has noticed that he is receiving more and more enquiries regarding dog owners paying closer attention to their dog’s health and welfare, questions such as what is the best dog food for my puppy? is the salmon diet better for my dog? my vets told me my dog needs to loose weight! to name a few.

The Dog Man’s Choice range contains a variety of fantastic ingredients that are hugely beneficial to a pet’s health and wellbeing. Each of the recipes contains Freshly Prepared animal protein sources that have been responsibly sourced and cooked using a unique Freshtrusion process.

Benefits of Freshtrusion™ processes are:

  • Higher nutrient bio-availability
  • Higher digestibility
  • Protected protein
  • Improved sensory acceptance
  • Reduced levels of spoilage & micro organism bio-markers that are associated with off flavours, rancidity or even toxicity.
  • Better health and well-being through superior quality and nutrition
  • The better density of kibble
  • Slow and gentle, low-temperature cooking process providing a fuller flavour

To combat the inconsistency in quality seen across the dog foods available today, The Dog Man’s Choice offers a solution – guaranteeing consistent quality and a premium diet.

Shop Grain-Free dog food

50%+ Meat Content
No Artificial Colours or preservatives

For a natural diet that supports easy digestion. Not only are these recipes delicious, but each specially prepared blend is also highly nutritious too.

Supplied in compostable, eco-friendly bags at no additional cost

Shop Super Premium dog food

This quality range is prepared without wheat and wheat gluten and is therefore suitable for dogs with sensitivities to these ingredients.

For added peace-of-mind, there are also no added artificial colours or preservatives. After all, your dog deserves the best!

If you have any questions about your dogs diet or our fantastic range of grain-free and super-premium foods then please contact us we are happy to help

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