New dog food shop launched

Here’s to an exciting new development from The Dog Man’s Choice

How time flies. It only seems a short while ago that we first came up with the concept of The Dog Man’s Choice and now our new dog food website is open for business.

So why did The Dog Man’s Choice come about?

Well, it all started as the brainchild of Craig Flint, a former Police and Army dog handler with more than 20 years of experience. It was this expertise that he used when it came to helping ordinary dog owners and families across Staffordshire and beyond.

Owners with a variety of different problems came to him for one-to-one dog training. Dogs of all shapes and sizes, and all breeds and ages.   

But even though each dog may be unique and have particular needs – one thing is true of all pooches, no matter how big or small.

Nutritional balance and a high quality diet is vital to maintain your pet’s all round health and happiness.

Not satisfied with what was already on the market – especially when it came to meeting the needs of dogs with digestive sensitivities or allergies – Craig set about developing his own brand.

When he did, he wanted to make sure that his dog food met only the highest standards of quality and included no additives or preservatives.

It was a mission that was at least partly born out of necessity. Not many so called ‘complete’ dog foods can promise:

  • 100% specially selected British ingredients
  • Complete nutritional balance to support every stage of your pet’s development – from puppies to mature dogs
  • A hypoallergenic formula that is great for dogs with sensitivities to wheat and wheat gluten
  • Great taste that your pooch will love
  • Free delivery in England

The Dog Man’s Choice, on the other hand, ticks all the boxes.

So far, we’re pleased to report that we’ve had some great customer feedback about our new online shop. We hope you like it too.

Please do keep checking back for more updates, news, tips and more.

Not sure what is the right choice for you pooch? Just email us with some details about your dog and we will get back to you with our recommendation as soon as we can.

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