Tips for underweight dogs

In recent times there has been a focus on dogs that are overweight in the UK, but what can be done for those dogs that are underweight?

There are a number of possible reasons as to why a dog could be underweight such as, being a fussy eater or not being provided with the correct nutritional requirements. Underweight dogs generally have less energy, gastrointestinal distress and may develop illnesses as a result of nutritional deficiency.

How to tell if a dog is underweight?

The most obvious way to tell if a dog is underweight is to look at their body. If there is no layer of tissue over their ribs and their pelvis is sticking out, they are most likely underweight. Whilst other signs are they will try and avoid exercise and physical activity.

Nutritional needs

Feeding an underweight dog isn’t as simple as increasing food servings. The diet that is fed to a dog needs to be looked at. Owners need to choose a dog food that contains a good level of protein and amino acids to build muscle and gain a healthy amount of weight.

The Dog Man’s Choice Grain Free recipes both contain Freshly Prepared animal proteins, that are responsibly sourced and highly digestible protein source that help to support every day, health and well-being. Whilst also containing no added artificial colours and preservatives in order to aid digestion and avoid triggering allergies. Each of your recipes includes a variety of vitamins and minerals such as Omega 3 to help combat nutritional deficiencies. This makes our Grain-Free and recipes great for aiding dogs that are underweight.

Our Vet Approved gently cooked Grain-Free recipes

50%+ Meat Content – No Artificial Colours or preservatives

For a natural diet that supports easy digestion, try The Dog Man’s Choice’s range of grain-free dog foods. Not only are these recipes delicious, but each specially prepared blend is also highly nutritious too. Your dog won’t fail to love dinner time!

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