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What is special about our Large Breed with Salmon & Trout recipe?

Large Breed Dogs

Our large breed recipes are complete and balanced and come in a larger kibble size to promote chewing and prevent gorging or fast consumption of food. Large breed dogs (as with many other dogs) love to eat their food as quickly as possible, if they consume food too quickly they are likely to consume air which may cause bloating and digestive upset.

Kibble Size

We’ve made the kibble size larger to both help slow down the speed of eating and promote a positive elongated eating experience. The size and weight of large breed dogs can put more strain on their joints so we’ve added a joint care pack to provide nutrients that help support healthy joints. Large breed dogs also have a large muscle mass which needs to be supported by high quality sources of protein, we have increased the protein content by 2% compared to the Adult Dog recipe and provided a moderate level of fat to help avoid unnecessary weight gain.

The benefits of using fish in your large breed recipe?

Large muscle mass requires extra large skin to protect the large breed dogs body. As skin is the largest organ of the body – that’s a lot of skin to maintain! Fish as a protein source is well known as a great source of essential amino acids and essential fatty acids. These components are beneficial in promoting the growth, repair and renewal of cells which can help support muscle mass as well as helping to maintain a healthy skin and coat. Fish is also considered a popular protein source for maintaining a healthy weight, as it is highly digestible and low in saturated fats.

The Dog Man’s Choice Grain Free Large Breed with Salmon & Trout 

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