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When you take on the commitment of a dog or puppy there is one thing for sure they are going to need feeding. Dog food for everyone is going up in price and is likely to continue to do so. Keeping your dog bowl full isn’t going to be cheap so the alternative is to take advantage of The Dog Man’s Choice multiple buy bags.

Trips to the local shop are costly 

The vast majority of owners buy one bag at a time when popping into the local shop but those little trips can prove costly also lets us not forget those expensive bags of treats soon add up and your best buddy is now costing you serious money. 

Choose different types and flavours

Buying in bulk is a fantastic way of solving the problem. Dogs enjoy digestibility against palatability when it comes to dinner time so there isn’t any real reason for changing flavours, however, if you are driven to swopping then no problem you can mix and match with The Dog Man’s Choice multiples of two.

Kibble biscuits last for months 

It is a reality that dog kibble lasts for months so you have no concerns about storing it somewhere safe.

Be on trend 

If you haven’t considered bulk buying dog food yet, then you should try it out its a growing trend. 

Discounts – do your maths plus

  • Quality guaranteed – we work directly with the manufacture 
  • Feeding multiple pets or sharing an order with family and friends
  • No more out-of-stock worries – have a backup 
  • The price of dog food is going up – and unfortunately will continue

Here’s an example for you:

A Single Bag – £3.44 per Kilogram 

Gently Cooked Adult Super Premium Salmon & Potato (40.5% Salmon)

The most popular choice supports digestion, joints, skin and coat health

Multi of 4 earning 10% off – £2.96 per Kilogram 



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