Why is Cookie given Grass-Fed Lamb?


Lamb is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient for The Dog Man’s Choice and Craig ‘The Dog Man’ feeds his own Tekkel ‘Cookie’ on it!. This fantastic protein source is packed with vital nutrients that help with a dogs health and wellbeing. Our Grain-Free range contains a fantastic Grass-Fed Lamb recipe. But what is grass-fed lamb, and why is it included in our Grain Free range?

Grass-Fed Lamb 

The term grass-fed refers to the animal’s diet; it includes more than just grass and herbs, flowers, clover and other legumes, also referred to as ‘pasture’.

What makes lamb so great?

Lamb is red meat that offers several benefits to dogs. Firstly, it is a provider of dietary fats that provides energy and aids in transporting essential fat-soluble vitamins. Lamb is a great protein option for your dog as it plays a critical role in building, healing and maintaining body tissues whilst also regulating a dog’s bodily processes. This animal source also has a fantastic nutritional profile, as it contains zinc that helps boost your dog’s immune system and is also packed with B Vitamins, which is important for the health of your dog’s nervous system. Lamb is also a brilliant source of iron that helps to support the functions of the circulatory system.

Here at The Dog Man’s Choice, we understand that grass-fed lamb is a significant source of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, the ratio of omega-3 to omega 6 fats is far better in grass-fed lamb. It has also been found that lambs grazing in pasture has 14% less fat and approximately 8% more protein than grain-fed lambs.

The Dog Man’s Choice British Grass-Fed Lamb with Mint contains 50% freshly prepared lamb meat, this recipe provides dogs with a number of nutritional benefits our Grain-Free Lamb, Sweet Potato & Mint is available from £36.28 including delivered to your door.

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