Subscription service offers ‘great convenience’ for customers

OUR new dog food subscription service is easy to set up, convenient and allows The Dog Man’s Choice customers the opportunity to manage all their food deliveries online.

We’ve had some great feedback so far, including high praise from Matt Glover, of Stoke-on-Trent.

Matt owns Max, a four-year-old German Shepherd English Bull Terrier cross, who has previously suffered with allergies including itching and skin problems.  

Matt says: “Max suffers from allergies and so I decided to try him on Fish & Potato with Itch Ease.

“We changed from our existing dog food to The Dog Man’s Choice and were really pleased with the results.”

And what was the outcome? Max’s skin has improved dramatically, and he now boasts a coat with a soft and healthy shine.  What’s more, since signing up to receive The Dog Man’s Choice by subscription, Matt never has to worry that Max will run out of his favourite food. It is delivered once a month to their home address and Matt says it is a service that offers ‘great convenience.’

Matt continues: “We live a busy lifestyle so the convenience of the subscription and having it delivered straight to the door is great – it’s just like our home delivery from Tesco!

“We would absolutely recommend it. In fact, we bought some for a friend’s dog who suffered with itching and within five months, he is 100% better.”

Read more about our dog food subscription service, or to make an enquiry, just drop us an email

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