Update: Seamus the retired police dog is ‘having the time of his life’

Staffordshire Retired Police Dogs logo

Staffordshire Retired Police Dogs logo

IF YOU happen to meet Seamus the spaniel today, you’d never believe that he was a former police dog with years of active service.

That’s because his owner describes him as the ‘gentlest soul’ she’s ever met, a dog who loves cuddles and who is very much part of Heather Bennett’s family.

Heather is a volunteer for the Staffordshire Retired Police Dog Fund, an organisation that provides support for ex-police dogs – many of whom are unable to receive the insurance that would otherwise cover expensive vets’ bills. The organisation was established in 2013 to recognise the work done by these fantastic working dogs, while also raising money for their ongoing medical needs.

Heather explains: “We adopted Seamus around 18 months ago when he retired and he’s made a fantastic transition from working police dog to family pet.

“He might be 10-and-a-half but he acts like a puppy! He’s the gentlest soul I’ve ever met and all he wants to do at night is lie on the sofa and have cuddles.”

The Dog Man’s Choice is sponsoring Seamus by providing his food from our range of tasty yet nutritious meals especially for working dogs. He’s currently enjoying our super-premium salmon and potato dog food – and Heather has already seen a difference in his appetite.

She says: “When he was in the Police, Seamus was a really fussy eater. Now he’s taken to the salmon and potato very well. His coat is glossy and shiny, and when we recently took him to the vets’, he had a clean bill of health.

“We say he’s a bit like Benjamin Button – he seems to get younger every day.”

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