Premium dog foods now available in 7.5kg bags (plus new product lines launched)

We’re pleased to say that The Dog Man’s Choice continues to grow and as we develop, we’re constantly looking at ways to enhance the shopping experience we provide.

That’s we’ve decided to offer several of our delicious and tasty foods in both 7.5kg and 15kg bags. Our Super Premium Adult Chicken & Rice is now available in the smaller size – which is handy if you’re short on space or have a dog with a more modest appetite.

Customers also have a choice of larger and smaller bags when buying Super Premium Adult Duck & Potato and Super Premium Adult Lamb & Rice. Both options are packed full of easily digestible carbohydrates, freshly prepared meat and are a great choice for dogs with sensitivities to grains and cereals.   

Then there’s our Super Premium Senior / Light, which is also available in 7.5kg and 15kg bags. This hypoallergenic, nutritionally balanced choice is designed to meet the needs of a senior and/or overweight pet.


New dog food products launched

What’s more, we’ve also launched several new dog foods, specially created for breeds with a smaller mouth. Our Super Premium Small Bite Adult Chicken & Rice is an excellent solution for adults with sensitive digestion. Super Premium Small Bite Adult Salmon & Potato has already received some great feedback for its smaller size kibble and highly palatable taste.   

Looking for even more choice? We’ve also added Super Premium Adult Turkey & Rice to our shop and, in our grain free range, there’s now Duck, Sweet Potato and Orange.

Not forgetting our NEW super premium puppy food – an excellent, nutrient-rich meal that is highly palatable and a great source of healthy energy for growing pups.  

We’d love to hear what you think of our new additions so if you’d like to leave us a review, please get in touch. Don’t forget that if you’ve got a question, just email us  or give us a call on 01785 664805.

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