Cost, convenience (and taste) makes dry dog food a great choice

Our pets need us to make the right choices when it comes to their diet. So whether your preference is can or kibble, what’s important is that doggie mealtimes score highly in nutritional value and health-giving benefits.

However, there are some additional advantages in using dry dog food that you may wish to take into consideration. Let’s take a closer look.

Support healthy gums and teeth

Crunchy kibbles support your dog’s oral health by helping to reduce plaque and tartar build-up. Plus, bad breath is less of a problem in pooches who don’t eat canned food – meaning you don’t have to fear getting too close to your favourite canine companion!

Palatability and texture

Dogs love the satisfying crunch that comes with chewing a kibble. It’s a behaviour that’s even thought to go back to pre-domesticated times when chewing and crunching helped to assert authority within a pack.

Of course, taste is an important factor so look for a kibble that offers maximum palatability. Don’t forget that the Dog Man’s Choice kibbles can be soaked in water if your pooch prefers moisture.

Money matters   

Canned foods may sometimes contain a high percentage of bulk-creating water so on a per-serving basis, dry dog foods are more cost-effective. In fact, if you’d like to see how little it costs to feed your pet with The Dog Man’s Choice per day, take a look at my previous blog post. 

Save on electricity (yes really!)

Unlike canned foods, kibbles don’t need refrigerating once opened. Dry dog foods are also easier to transport if you’re travelling, too.

In addition, The Dog Man’s Choice provides:

  • Perfect nutritional balance for big and small dogs
  • Added peace of mind – no artificial colours or preservatives

  • Foods prepared with fresh meat and highly digestible carbohydrates

  • Free delivery in England

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